Daffodils We Love

Check out our favorite varieties of this sunny spring bloomer.

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Narcissus 'Love Call'

With bright, white petals and an orange cup, this mid-season bloomer is sure to turn heads.


Narcissus 'Tete-a-Tete'

Although a miniature of the daffodil family, the Tete-a-Tete Narcissus grows with heartiness, making an early spring appearance that does not fail to delight with its brightness.

Narcissus 'February Gold'

Try your hand at planting swaths of 'February Gold' daffodils. Naturalizing bulbs multiply over time to create stunning displays.

Narcissus 'Little Gem'

'Little Gem' maxes out at a height of just 6 inches. Try planting these miniature trumpet daffodils in mass or in containers.

Narcissus 'Suzy'

The 'Suzy' daffodil is a mid-spring flower with large, open blooms in primrose yellow with bright orange centers.

Narcissus 'Satin Pink'

'Satin Pink' daffodil is an unusual variety with pure white petals and a pink-flushed central cup. It flowers in mid-spring.

Narcissus 'Ceylon'

'Ceylon' features golden yellow petals and an orange-red cup. A very showy addition to an early spring garden, this bulb rises above dark green foliage from March to April.

Narcissus 'Pride Of Lions'

'Pride of Lions' daffodils open true yellow blooms with a frilly, red-tinted "mane."

Narcissus jonquilla 'Baby Moon'

Jonquilla-type daffodils grow on narrow, tubular foliage and usually feature clusters of flowers per stem. 'Baby Moon' is an extremely fragrant, miniature variety that looks great planted under trees or in borders.

Narcissus 'Winston Churchill'

'Winston Churchill' impresses with big clusters of white double blooms late in spring. It's super-fragrant and a great choice for Southern gardens.

Narcissus 'Serola'

This vibrant daffodil blooms in mid-spring and when it does, you're in for a show: the neon yellow petals and red-orange cups can be seen from practically a mile away. This makes 'Serola' a perfect candidate for roadside plantings.

Narcissus 'Avalon'

'Avalon' features creamy, light yellow blooms with a faint, white cup that grows brighter as the plant ages. They reliably naturalize, so plant them in meadow gardens and watch them multiply year after year.

Narcissus 'Sweetness'

'Sweetness' is a mid-season bloomer with fragrant, yellow flowers. All yellow with reasonably fine and narrow foliage, this is an easy grower in any sunny situation.

Narcissus 'Virginia Sunrise'

Another mid-season bloomer, 'Virgnia Sunrise' features bright white petals with a large, frilly cup. As the name suggests, they're a favorite in Southern states.

Narcissus 'Bridal Crown'

'Bridal Crown' is a favorite among gardeners, loved for its big double blooms in creamy white. It's a top pick for spring cutting gardens.

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