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By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik

Sugar, spice and everything nice was the inspiration behind this little girl's dance-inspired bedroom by designer Dahlia Mahmood.

Kids Bedroom Lights Jul 19, 2016

By: Gina Hannah

When choosing lights for a kid's bedroom, take the long view.

Kids' Bedroom Flooring Jul 19, 2016

By: Gina Hannah

When choosing a floor for a kid's room, durability is as important as looks.

Kid's Contemporary Bedroom 8 Photos

HGTV: French & French Interiors created a contemporary kid's bedroom worthy of the Show House Santa Fe 2014 thanks to its earthy green palette and whimsical touches.

By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik

Using an airplane bed as her centerpiece, designer Dahlia Mahmood relied on creative design elements to create this eclectic kids' bedroom.

Take a peek inside this kids' airplane-themed bedroom featured on HGTV.com.

Kids' Coastal Bunk Bedroom 9 Photos

HGTV presents a kids' coastal bedroom that features shiplap walls, built-in bunk beds, nautical light fixtures, and whimsical elements such as a surfboard and lifeguard chair.


Designer Angelica Henry created a fun bedroom for energetic kids that includes fort-style bunk beds, plenty of storage space and a dedicated study area, all with a stylish rustic-industrial vibe.

Outrageous Kids' Rooms 7 Photos

Over-the-top and creative, these kids' rooms create entire imaginative worlds where children can explore and play, as well as still get a good night's sleep on HGTVRemodels.com.

Decluttering Kids' Rooms Nov 12, 2015

Try these strategies to calm clutter and bring order to kids' rooms.

Kids Media Room Jul 7, 2016

By: Sean McEvoy

Browse kids' media room ideas, and get ready to create a fun and entertaining space for the little ones in your home.

8 Themed Bedrooms for Kids 8 Photos

The decorating experts at HGTV.com share 8 different children's bedroom theme ideas that are as much fun to decorate as they are to live in.

Kid's Bedroom With Rock Wall 8 Photos

HGTV presents a fun kid's room that features white walls with lime accents and includes a rock-climbing wall, dual bunk beds, fun graphic wallpaper and creative rope sconce lights.

Top Bedroom Trends for Kids 12 Photos

What's hot for kids' rooms right now? Check out these top bedroom trends for kids to get the latest design ideas and inspiration.

Colorful Kids' Room Design 11 Photos

Find decorating ideas from HGTV.com for adding color to your children's rooms, all without painting the walls.

Lighting for Kids' Rooms Oct 19, 2014

By: Amanda Lecky

Find out what type of lighting works best in your child's room.

Colorful Modern Kids' Room 4 Photos

The kids' room design experts at HGTV.com share photos of a colorful, Modern kids' room that's as fun as it is functional.

Rugs for Kids' Rooms 5 Photos

The experts at HGTV.com share rug ideas for kids' rooms.

Kids' Rooms Storage Solutions Apr 11, 2016

By: Alyson McNutt English

If your kids' idea of a clean room is everything piled in the corner, it's time for a storage-solution intervention. Check out these designer spaces that use fresh ideas to create clutter-free kid spaces.

Playful Kids' Rooms Designs 8 Photos

Seven design experts from HGTV.com offer eight ideas for decorarting kids' rooms.

Affordable Kids' Room Decorating Ideas 12 Photos

With a little money and a lot of creativity, you can transform your child's room with these ideas for affordable kids' room decorating.

(Almost!) Free Kids' Room Updates 10 Photos

Decorate a kid's room for pennies (or for free) by getting creative and using what you already have on hand.

Fabulous and Functional Kids Rooms 11 Photos

These fabulous kids rooms at HGTV.com incorporate beautiful design with organization.

Choosing a Kid's Room Theme Oct 14, 2014


Whether you want to incorporate a theme in a small way or go completely over the top, we asked designers for their top tips to creating a themed kid's room.

Kids' Rustic Barn-Style Room 10 Photos

HGTV presents a kids' bedroom that features rustic bunk beds as well as a trundle bed for two when guests sleep over. The room has a barn theme that's strengthened by a large barn door leading to another bedroom.

Designer Kids' Rooms for Less 7 Photos

Do you love the high style of designer kids' rooms? HGTV shows you how to get the look for a lot less.

7 Bright White Kids' Rooms 7 Photos

Clean and bright, white works for any gender and with any color palette. See how designers use white to set the stage for stylish kids' room designs on HGTVRemodels.com.

Specialty Features for Kids' Rooms Oct 19, 2014

By: Amanda Lecky

From monitors to docking stations, add gadgets that make life easy and safe.

Color Schemes for Kids' Rooms Oct 14, 2014


Follow top designers' tips and tricks for selecting the perfect color palette for your kid's room. Plus, their favorite color combinations for boys', girls' and gender-neutral rooms.

Smart Storage for Kids' Rooms Mar 23, 2016

By: Amanda Lecky

Kids are natural collectors of toys, books and stuff. Learn storage and design tricks to cut the clutter.