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A Stunning Midcentury-Modern Ranch Renovation 11 Photos

Take a look at a fabulous Atlanta ranch renovation on HGTV.com.

8 Ways to Bring African Pattern Home 8 Photos

If Black Panther taught us anything, it is that African pattern is hot. Bring some into your home with HGTV's ideas for incorporating African pattern in your design scheme.

How to Make Your Home Pet-Tastic 14 Photos

HGTV.com shows you how to create pet-friendly design in your home.

10 Tablescapes That Scream Springtime 10 Photos

From Easter to Mother's Day and all of the warm weekends in between, the dining table will definitely get a workout over the next few months. Whether you're dining al fresco or giving your kitchen nook a makeover, these tips will help you achieve the perfect tablescape for spring-friendly festivities.

HGTV Fans Choose the Top Design Trends for 2018 48 Photos

HGTV presents the top design trends for 2018 as voted by the HGTV audience.

10 Pastel Rooms That Don't Feel Overly Sweet 10 Photos

Spring is officially here, and with it comes the desire to switch from a wintry home aesthetic to something a little more sunny. Enter pastels. While these hues may seem a bit too sweet, these stylish spaces prove that doesn't always need to be the case.

10 Nurseries That Will Spark Your Baby Fever 10 Photos

HGTV.com rounded up 10 nurseries to provide plenty of design inspiration for someone who might be expecting or who just happens to have a severe case of baby fever.

Has Gray Had Its Day? Designers Dish 15 Photos

We asked 12 designers' opinions on the paint color gray. Do experts think it's out of style or totally timeless? Find out on HGTV.com.

Luxury and Comfort Define This Atlanta Home 14 Photos

Designer Michel Boyd takes HGTV through the soothing color palette and refined details that define this home in the Buckhead neighorhood of Atlanta.

The Best Ways to Decorate Large Blank Walls 10 Photos

Blank walls can be tough to tackle. Whether you simply have too much space to properly decorate or your collection of art is on the small size, finding the perfect way to spruce up these empty spots may take a bit of planning. These 10 ideas are sure to inspire.

A Love of Art and Design Come Together in This Hip NYC Home 13 Photos

HGTV takes you on a tour of a NYC home that celebrates its art-loving owner's eclectic style.

The Easiest Ways to Spruce up Your Hallways 10 Photos

Hallways can be pretty lackluster spots. From their narrow width to their awkward shapes, it's often easy to overlook these corridors. Well, it's time to finally show these areas some love. From statement runners to gallery walls, these tips will help you transform yours into a noteworthy part of your home.

Can Cozy + Modern Mix? Top Designers Weigh In 15 Photos

HGTV shares top designers' tricks for creating a home that's both clean and modern and warm and cozy.

Kids' Room Ideas That Are as Stylish as They Are Playful 10 Photos

While we're often preoccupied with the grown-up spaces in our homes, it's important to remember that kid-friendly rooms deserve just as much design-forward attention. Get a playful look — that still fits your overall aesthetic — by taking a few notes from these interiors that nail the balance between style and function.

7 Tips for Using Neutrals in Home Design 10 Photos

HGTV gives you 7 tips for using neutrals in home design from designer Laura Muller.

The Best Window Treatments for Every Room of the House 10 Photos

A good set of window treatments can do wonders for a room that doesn't feel totally complete. From shades to blinds and everything in between, there are tons of stylish options for sprucing up your windows, but these are the ones we're loving for each room of the house.

10 DIY Decor Projects to Help You Spend Less + Save More 11 Photos

The DIY pros at HGTV.com share 10 budget-friendly design projects for your home.

A Brooklyn Designer's Earthy, Vintage-Inspired Abode 13 Photos

HGTV shows you how to use minimalist design and vintage style to create a unique look.

Style Secrets to Steal From a 10-Ingredient Kitchen Feb 5, 2018

A pinch of cement tile, a dash of wood stools, that's what it took to spice up this space from HGTV Magazine.

Fixer Upper Flower Arrangements and Centerpieces 114 Photos

Learn how to make beautiful flower arrangements and centerpieces, plus get mantel decorating ideas from Fixer Upper and Joanna Gaines.

Groundhog Day: 10 Designs That Keep Coming Back 10 Photos

Like the movie Groundhog Day, we keep reliving the same home design trends over and over. Check out HGTV's favorite trends that have been declared "over" only to return again.

Tour This Picture-Perfect Brooklyn Family's Home 12 Photos

This gorgeous space shared by a writer and a photographer and their two sons shows how travel, diverse backgrounds and a love of pattern combine in beautiful ways.

International Style: A Philly Condo With Global Appeal 13 Photos

City of Brotherly Love designer Naomi Stein is a style mix-master.

Fixer Upper's Best Living Rooms 97 Photos

From shiplap and wood support beams to exposed brick and floor-to-ceiling windows, discover the best Fixer Upper living room ideas and designs ever created.

Forget Statement Walls, This Year is All About Ceilings 10 Photos

HGTV.com rounded up beautiful rooms that prove statement ceilings are one of 2018's best design trends.

Tour a Fashion-Forward Brooklyn Home 11 Photos

HGTV and Aphrochic take you into the stylish Brooklyn home of creative director and editor Kelley Carter.

5 Space-Clearing Tips to Uplift the Energy in Your Home Jan 5, 2018


HGTV.com shares celebrity healer Holly Star's top 5 space-clearing tips to lighten and uplift the energy in your home.

Tiny House Design Trends 14 Photos

Going tiny means rethinking your design scheme. HGTV offers tips for making the stylish most of your small, chic space.

Designer Trends You'll Be Seeing in 2018 15 Photos

Find out what designers are predicting will be the big new trends in 2018.

Create a Dreamy Bathroom in a Few Simple Steps 10 Photos

A complete overhaul can get expensive, but there are ways to get a swoon-worthy space without committing to the pricy (and timely) woes associated with a renovation.