'Fixer Upper' Season 4 Finale: The Colossal Crawford Reno

Chip and Jo take on a project for some special clients and deliver a makeover that's way long on 'wow' factor.

As seen on FIxer Upper, Chip and Joanna Gaines ion the front porch of the Matsumoto's home. (Portrait)

From: Fixer Upper

Photo by: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Show: Fixer Upper
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The day has come; the final episode of the fourth season of Fixer Upper is upon us. But to close out the season in style — and soften the blow of the wait for season five — we've got a fairly extraordinary story in store that we think will blow you away.

Close to Home

The first thing outside-the-box about this particular project is who specifically the clients are. Specifically, they're Michael and Jessie Matsumoto. Who's that, you ask? Well, Michael is the producer of a little home-improvement television series titled Fixer Upper. Perhaps you've heard of it? Michael and his wife, Jessie, have been living in Los Angeles but, as you might imagine, they've been spending more than a little of their time in and around Waco, Texas.

They're feeling the need for a place with just a little less of a work commute; a place in the Lone Star State that they can call home — and one that will be a good place to raise their two adorable kids.

As seen on Fixer Upper, table detail on the back porch of the Matsumoto's renovated home. (Detail)

From: Fixer Upper

Photo by: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

So, in a rather conspicuous example of practicing what one preaches, Michael and Jessie agree to embark on a home purchase and renovation guided by their friends, Chip and Joanna Gaines. For the first time, the Matsumotos will be seeing a Fixer Upper project from the other side of the camera. It sort of gives added meaning to the phrase "a different perspective."

The Big Leap

The property that the Matsumotos settle upon is in the bucolic and Waco-adjacent community of Crawford, Texas. The surrounding land is beautiful, and the house itself is epic. That is to say, it's epic in terms of unprecedented challenge. "Dump" is actually the descriptor that Michael uses when he first lays eyes on it.

Suffice it to say that not since season one's project that we referred to as "Tackling the Beast" have Chip and Jo sold clients on a fixer upper that's so, um, unformed. You'll have to see it to believe it. And for a TV producer and his family, this one gives new meaning to the phrase "dedication to craft."

Cool Bath Upgrade

As seen on Fixer Upper, the clawfoot bathtun in the Matsumoto's master bathroom. (After)

From: Fixer Upper

Photo by: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images

Now, we're not going to show you just how challenging the home was before the renovation. You'll just need to tune in for the season finale and watch the story unfold. But rest assured, our heroes come through with some of their trademark makeover magic, and we think you'll be impressed. After all, these aren't exactly clients Chip and Jo would want to disappoint.

But if you can't wait to get a sample, we do offer up this teaser: a web-exclusive video featuring Joanna's guided tour of the near-completed master bath.

Functional Bathroom Update 01:05

Joanna highlights a bathroom's simple, yet functional new features.

A New Fixer Upper Companion Series

And be sure to stick around after the season finale to see a sneak peek of a new companion series, Fixer Upper: Behind the Design. The first episode, also airing tonight, at 11p|10c, takes you behind the scenes on the Matsumoto project.

Expect all new episodes of the spinoff series to air in conjunction with the fifth season of Fixer Upper, beginning later this year.

Intrigued? Here's an exclusive clip from the premiere episode of Behind the Design. Get a first look:

The Fixer Upper season four finale premieres on March 28 at 9pm | 8c. Be sure to check back here to take the full photo tour, see more web-exclusive videos, get series updates and more.

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